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Wendie Plan for Points Plus

Beat the Weight Watchers Plateau

Have you been on the Weight Watchers plan, successfully losing weight and happy about your progress? And then, all of a sudden, the weight loss stops? Yes, you've hit that dreaded weight loss plateau. Why aren't those pounds continuing to come off? Many of us dieters have gone through this frustrating period. One person, known as Wendie, came up with a way to beat the Weight Watchers plateau.

Basically the Wendie Plan (or Wendy Plan) uses your extra Weight Watcher weekly points to get your metabolism going again. After spending a certain amount of time taking in the same amount of food every day, your body adjusts and lowers your metabolism so the weight loss stops and you hit the Weight Watchers plateau. The Wendie Plan (or Wendy Plan) uses your extra weekly points in a certain distribution to help increase your metabolism so you can start losing that weight again. You can read more about the Wendie Plan (using the old Weight Watchers point system) here.

In January 2016, Weight Watchers introduced a new point system call SmartPoints. And previously in November 2010, Weight Watchers had introduced a point system called PointsPlus. So, unfortunately, the points distribution in the original Wendie Plan article is no longer valid. Therefore we've taken the percentage distribution and applied it to the new SmartPoints system and to the old PointsPlus system to give you your new Wendy Plan point distribution. And we've created a handy calculator to make it easier for you to figure out your daily points.

In addition there is another version of the Wendie Plan for the old PointsPlus system that is being used in the Weight Watchers community message boards. This version is also available in the calculator.

Enjoy and happy weight loss!

(Please note that Weight Watchers does not endorse the Wendie Plan nor this website.)

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