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Wendie Plan (Wendy Plan) Calculator
for Points Plus and Momentum/Flex

Beat the Weight Watchers Plateau

(You can learn about the Wendie Plan here)

Your daily points

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The BIG day

What day would you like to be your "big points" day? For instance you could pick the day after weigh-in or a Saturday.

Versions of the Wendie Plan

There are two varieties of the Wendie Plan for the new Points Plus program. The version on the Weight Watchers community message boards uses less of the extra weekly points. The version using the original Wendy Plan distribution uses all of the weekly points. We have also included the old Momentum/Flex point distribution for those of you still using that plan. Which version of points distribution would you prefer?

Points Plus based on original Wendie Plan
Points Plus based on thread in WW message boards
See both of the above Points Plus distributions
Momentum/Flex points (for users not using the new Points Plus)

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